Virgin Island Installations

Click on the video link or the project thumbnail for a larger file of the project. All installations are on the island of St Croix. Current projects are finalising on St Thomas and St John. Put this on your favorites for updates quarterly. Visit our blog for comments and questions or contact us here.

Women's Coalition Bldg- Christiansted St Croix, US Virgin Islands     

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This is a new construction project. The roof was already installed on top of the rafters. The TCM4-IR was then stapled to the underside of the rafters using stainless steel staples. TCM4-IR is reinforced to maintain stability for stapled installations. This project will include a trace ceiling of finished wood for aesthetic value. The air pocket inside will be analysed to determine if ventilation is necessary. This building will have reduced air conditioning costs from the reduction of radiating heat. 98% of the infrared radiation is rejected out of this roof system.



Homeowner Retrofit- Estate La Reine St Croix, US Virgin Islands


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This installation is on an existing home. The homeowner was installing a new galvanised roof on top of the existing roof. The existing roof consisted of rafters, plywood, and an elastomeric coating. The old roof was very hot, had some leaks and was turning black from the elements. The roof was power washed and cleaned thoroughly. Then the wooden purlins were installed. Next the TCM4-IR was stapled to the existing purlins. And finally, the Galvalume was screwed on top of the TCM and into the purlins. Even though this customer has a green roof it will still reject 98% of the Infrared Radiation, making it significantly cooler in the house.


Insulated Low E Windows- Estate Shoys, US Virgin Island        
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This is a custom home in Estate Shoys St Croix USVI. The home was built with Low E Insulated Glass windows. This means that it has an "insulating" air pocket between two panes of glass and that one of the panes also has a radiation reducing "Low E" coating. The customer still complained about the heat penetrating the glass. We installed Huper Optik Ceramic 50 Window Film rejecting 50% more of the Total Solar Heat penetrating the glass. This installanalyzedalified for a Tax Rebate. Huper Optik also maintains a Limited Lifetime Resdiantial Warranty for this installation.
Laundrytime- Mt. Welcome St Croix, US Virgin Islands

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This installation is on the upper floor of an office building with south,west and north facing windows. The windows are low E treated but the customer still complains about the heat and glare penetrating the office space. We installed Huper Optik Fusion 10 Window Film rejecting 77% of the Total Solar Energy.
Buccaneer Hotel- Estate Shoys St Croix, US Virgin Islands          
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While renovating rooms, the Buccaneer Hotel elected to install Huper Optik Ceramic 50 Window film on these Ocean View Rooms. The installation is on laminated glass in wooden frames. Their goals are to reduce the heat gain, glare and fading of furniture while maintaining there breathe taking views for their guests. Also Huper Optik Ceramic will not effect the wireless communications on the property, as metalized films can. This installation rejects 50% of the total solar energy, 65% of the causes of fading, 99.9% of the U/V and 45% of the glare. Even in an ocean front environment Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film is garaunteed for a minimum of 15 years for a commercial property by the manufacturer.  

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