Thermal Control Membrane   

TCM is a multi-layered radiant barrier building insulation. When installed properly, TCM rejects 98% of the Infrared Radiation (Heat) coming in contact with the film. Applications include residential, commercial or any building requiring less heat gain. In air conditioned buildings savings will pay for the cost of installing TCM. Non air conditioned buildings may not need air conditioning as a result of the heat rejection but may need ventilation solutions.    

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Type                         Description                                                            Application

TCM4-            4 performance surfaces and 1 scrimm.        Retro fit interior space.

TCM6-            6 performance surfaces and 2 srimms.        Attic/drop ceiling or large temp differential. 

TCM4-IR         3 performance surfaces,1 reinforced            Roof decking, steel bldg, outsulation

                      layer and 1 scrimm.

TCM4-IRW      3 performance surfaces,1 reinforced            Roof decking, steel bldg, outsulation

                      layer (white) and 1 scrimm.                            or any exposed retro-fit.

TCM4-DIRW    2 performance surfaces, 2 reinforced           Commercial steel building

                      layers (white/foil) and 1 scrimm.


Learn More About Heat and TCM With This Power Point PDF



*Prices per sq/ft: TCM4 - $0.95  TCM6 - $1.00  TCM4 R(W) - $1.10

TCM qualifies for the 10% Tax Credit. Click here





Why not use regular insulation?


This is a video clip from a presentation offered by the Virgin Islands Energy Office. The workshop was designed to introduce the most current building/energy codes. The workshop outlined the current IECC 2009 energy codes and how they apply in Zone 1 (The Virgin Islands). The topic shown is Mr. Wiig addressing the failure of traditional fiberglass insulation in tropical environments. Leading to discussions of other building materials, specifically relfective technologies with Higher SRI (Solar Reflective Index) roof coatings and radiant barrier technology installed in roof systems.



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